In the spirit of BETA, here are the latest fixes and changes here at…


1. Site Speed: Very slow on initial page load – more info here
2. Mobile layout issues still there on iPad in portrait orientation



Fixed a bunch of mobile issues thanks to @vasuvasu
-1. For some iOS devices, content only displays on left 1/3 of screen.
-Note: If someone with iOS access wants to play with the CSS in their browser, I think the primary div needs to be made 100%. I’m not a responsive design expert though.
2. When clicking a link from the Beerpulse Facebook page on a mobile device, if there is any odd character in the url, the result will be a 404 ‘Error Not Found’ page. May be a Facebook bug.
3. When clicking a link from the Beerpulse Facebook page on a mobile device, the WPTouch mobile-friendly theme does not activate. Again, may be a Facebook bug?
4. On the WPTouch theme, images sometimes do not appear in posts.
5. On the WPTouch theme, there is no way to look at ‘beer’ posts (new labels).
6. The advertisements don’t properly fit in their containers on a mobile device.


Upgraded Server
Restored Full RSS Feeds and Added Sharing Links to Bottom of Feed
Added Twitter functionality (intents) to site
Installed real-time backup software


Updated About Page
Added Previous/Next links (right above comments) to single post pages and new beer posts
Added newsletter subscription form and tips email box to right sidebar
Fixed tab styling on brewery pages and added thumbnails for beers on ‘Beers’ tab
Changed Supporters Page to display most recent posts instead of selected pages.


Updated Sharing buttons
Added Facebook like box & sharing buttons to right sidebar


New beers tab kept showing same set of recent posts when clicking “Older Posts”
Added links to breweries and beers to link posts (these are the ones where I link out to another site)
Fixed mobile theme support for multiple devices (iphone included)
Added comma separators and spacing to beers and breweries in various templates


Beers can now be displayed in slider (instead of just posts)
You can now zoom into photos with special javascript effect vs. loading new page


Launched new design
Fixed broken slider links and Twitter buttons

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  3. I stopped getting emails from I tried to re-register, and it said that I am already signed up. Can anyone help…..

  4. Hi Paul,

    I verified that you are an active subscriber. Please check your spam folder. If messages not going there, I’m not sure what else to suggest as I use a third party service to send emails. Perhaps subscribe with a new email address and forward them to your primary email.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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