Redds Apple Ale

Redd’s Apple Ale


11 thoughts on “Redd’s Apple Ale

  1. One of the best beers that i have ever tasted. Sharing it with Family and friends who love the taste of the Redd’s Apple Ale.

  2. The majority of Apple ale’s are naturally gluten free, can’t seem to find out if this or not…

  3. Really unhappy with the commercial showing the guy getting hit with the apple right in the side of his head. We have grandchildren and they see it all–not the best for teaching them what to do with an apple.

  4. I think it is a very special beer.It kind of put you in the mind of Special K . If you now what they are?

  5. you are ridiculous Sharon Foust. I hope your grandchildren throw an apple at you. This ale is pretty damn good imo

  6. I am sorry that you idiots are pummeling insults at the grandma…as the grandma of a brilliant, talented teenager who recently suffered a head injury that has inflicted permanent damage to her brain..I also think it is irresponsible..have any of you studied anything but football…inertia…speed and distance can make a simple apple a dangerous item to hit a head with…I guess you don’t care that your football heros are shorting their productive lives from being constantly hit in the head with elbows, feet, balls just for your enjoyment…but have another beer and jump in your car…grow up

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