Bavaria N.V. acquires U.S.-based Latis Imports


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Bavaria takes next step in U.S. with acquisition of Latis Imports

Dutch brewer acquires U.S. importer of specialty craft beers as part of growth strategy

(Ridgefield, CT) – Bavaria N.V. announces it has acquired Latis Imports, the U.S. based Belgian specialty beer importer. After its acquisition of Palm Belgian Craft Brewers (PBCB) in May 2016, Bavaria is moving ahead with its international expansion strategy by acquiring the U.S. importer of beers in the PBCB portfolio. With the acquisition, Bavaria capitalizes on the growing U.S. specialty beer market.

Broad portfolio of beer brands to U.S. market
With this move, Bavaria has local presence with an experienced team in the U.S., one of the five key regions for the company and a market where there is a strong appetite for specialty beers. Latis currently imports Belgium beers such as PALM and Rodenbach, and will now bring a wider portfolio of brands to the market, among which includes Hollandia and Claro from the wider Bavaria portfolio. The brewer will bring a diverse range of beers closer to the consumer from a single importer. The acquisition will allow more people to enjoy both the pilsners as well as the specialty beers from Bavaria N.V.

Latis Imports was founded by David van Wees to make previously unknown beers available in the U.S. Van Wees will remain at the company as Managing Director of Bavaria’s U.S. operations and together with Arnoud van Schaik, Regional Sales Director Americas for Bavaria, will lead the activities of Bavaria USA.

International cooperation as part of growth strategy
Bavaria is a real family brewer and is currently led by the 7th generation of the Swinkels family. Active in 120 markets, it has recently made several deals as part of its growth strategy with the goal of strengthening numerous markets. The acquisition of Palm Belgian Craft Brewers strengthened its speciality beer portfolio—complementing the strong Bavaria pilsner brand portfolio.

“Through the years, Latis Imports has done a tremendous job of educating the U.S. market and expanding the distribution around quality imports such as Rodenbach, PALM and others,” said Peer Swinkels, Chief Commercial Officer of Bavaria N.V. “Following our acquisition of Palm Belgian Craft Brewers, it is a natural next step to expand geographically. This acquisition allows us to further expand Bavaria’s presence in the U.S., a country with a strong beer culture and deep appreciation of specialty crafted beer. We are excited about our growth opportunities and introducing new products to a thirsty U.S. audience under David’s continued leadership. Further, we look forward to continuing our partnership with Radeberger USA, as local sales agent, who has driven effective coverage and sound specialty beer building execution.”

“Beer lovers in America, and Bavaria’s commitment to high quality beers will be a welcome addition to what’s available on the market,” said David van Wees, Managing Director of Bavaria’s U.S. Operations. “We look forward to further growing and expanding the Bavaria presence in the United States.”

About Swinkels Family Breweries N.V.
Swinkels Family Breweries N.V. is the holding company of Bavaria N.V. and, as an independent family-owned brewery, has a unique position in the international beer market. The company has been run by the Swinkels family for seven generations. The Lieshout-based company works closely together with the Trappist brewery de Koningshoeven and the De Molen brewery. Since 2015 the brewery has – together with 8,000 local shareholders – produced a beer in Ethiopia called Habesha. PALM Belgium Craft Brewers has been a part of Bavaria N.V. since May 2106. Because the company has two of its own malt-houses, the entire brewery process is still in-house. Swinkels Family Breweries N.V. is the only major brewery in the Netherlands that brews its beer with pure, natural mineral water from its own springs. This characterises the company’s most important philosophy: consistently high quality of its beers. Of the six million hectolitres annually brewed by the Brabant-based organisation, 65% is destined for the foreign market. In the meantime, more than 120 countries are enjoying the beers made by Swinkels Family Breweries N.V. In 2015 Bavaria N.V. received the IMD-Lombard Odier Global Family Business Award, hence selecting Bavaria N.V. as the world’s best family-owned company. The goal of this honour is to stress and promote the indispensable role of family-owned businesses in the world economy. The award is given to family-owned companies that unite family interests with business interests and tradition and innovation.

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About Latis Imports
A collective 25 years of experience in the U.S. and global markets leading brands like Rolling Rock, Labatt Blue, Beck’s, Bass, Stella Artois and Hoegaarden drove David van Wees and Anthony Giardina to create a company that mirrored their passion for developing premium beer brands. And so the idea for Latis was born and given life in Connecticut’s diners and well-equipped, free wireless public libraries. At the heart of Latis is a mission to build a portfolio of authentic, craft beers from independent brewers with rich history, traditions and pride. Latis imports PALM Ale, Belgium’s best sold beer from the country. The company is headquartered in Ridgefield, CT.

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