Drake’s update: Jolly Rodger 2013, Abominably Jolly Imperial White IPA, Reunion

Drake's Abominably Jolly Imperial White IPA(San Leandro, CA) – The latest from Drake’s Brewing Co.’s email newsletter…

Black Sails darken the horizon as Jolly Rodger 2013 is approaches our loading docks in San Leandro. This Saturday, Nov. 2, at noon, Jolly Rodger 2013- Imperial American Black Ale- 11.5% ABV, 75 IBUs – will be available at Drake’s Barrel House in 22oz bottles (3 per person), growlers (2 per person limit), kegs (limited # available on Saturday), and on tap & cask.

Jolly Rodger 2013 is a deep, dark, devious brew with smooth dark malts blending seamlessly with the citrus and resinous aromas and the unmistakable spiciness of the aggressive late and dry hop additions of Simcoe, Mosaic, and Chinook hops. Please be aware, at 11.5% ABV, Jolly will seduce you with its smooth mouthfeel, beautiful balance, and enticing aromas and then hit you like a the boom of a main sail swinging across the deck… and leave you wanting more.

(Those of you who follow our brews with vigorous consistency will remember an uncannily similar draft-only beer we did this summer for the Ales for ALS fundraiser, Son of Dad.)

Joining Jolly on deck is his partner in crime, the yin to his yang if you will, Abominably Jolly Imperial White IPA – 9.5% ABV, 90 IBUs. Infused with a healthy helping of wheat, massive hits of New Zealand hops, Abominably Jolly gives you both the creamy, graininess of wheat and the aromatic avalanche and clean bitterness of Kiwi hops. Fermented with our clean, dry, neutral California Ale yeast, no incongruous clove/pepper/banana yeasty flavors will be there to interrupt the interplay. Why choose between wheat and hops? Get both and be despicably happy.

Abominably Jolly will be available on tap and on cask THIS SATURDAY, and yes, you will be able to get one growler per person to take home.

What of the third rapscallion in the JR trio this year? Well, that ship seems to have gotten held up in route (damn lagers and their leisurely pace). Far be it for us to rush a beer along though, so your J.Rodgerator Doppelbock fix will have to wait til December. We’re making it up to you, though. Sitting in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels is some of the 2012 Jolly Rodger Barleywine, and we’ll have that on tap in J. Rodgerator’s place. Hey, we promised a trio and you’re gettin’ a trio.


After a well-reviewed preview for the GABF crowd at Denver’s Rare Beer Tasting, Drake’s Reunion Barleywine is making its way home to San Leandro, much like its six brewers did in 2011.

The Samuel Adams Utopias®-barrel-aged barleywine, brewed two and a half years ago by a collection of Drake’s brewers past will be available to add to your cellar in 22oz bottles on December 7, 2013.

This smooth, complex brew features flavors of toffee, slight roast, fig, oak, and the distinctive flavor of sherry and Buffalo Trace Bourbon from the Utopias® barrels. Each sip reveals a new facet worthy of exploring, and you can have the added joy of delving into the beer with the same scrunched face concentration that Jim Koch displayed in Denver.

Keep an eye on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, and the December newsletter for further details about the release.

In other Barrel House News-
Firkin Fridays– Some of you may remember our regular Firkin Wednesdays a while back… well after some consideration we have reupped the program and moved it to Friday when larger groups of cask lovers, tour goers, tasting tourists, and regulars stop by for a beer. Every Friday, look for a new cask conditioned specialty for you to enjoy.

Barrel-aged beers on tap now-
Father Maker- blend of Amber with Denogginizer aged in brandy barrels
One Hit Warrant- Sour wheatwine and honey wheat aged on cherries. 6.5% (lightly sour)

Specials & seasonals on tap now-
Callisto (American dunkel)
Hella Fresh Pale Ale (1500 fresh hopped with Cascade)
Jupiter OTC Pils
Exxpedition Imperial Red Ale

Coming Soon:
Jolly Rodger 2013 Imperial American Black Ale
Abominably Jolly Imperial White IPA

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