Bell’s Brewery founder purchasing land for a new Michigan brewery

bell's brewery logo(Escanaba, MI) – On Thursday, the town of Escanaba, Michigan, will consider approving the purchase of a parcel of land. The buyer, according to public documents, is Larry Bell, founder of Bell’s Brewery.

Bell is purchasing the land, which totals 3.16 acres, for $35,000. He is requesting right of first offer to purchase adjacent land as well.

“Mr. Larry Bell is proposing to construct a brewery operation on the property,” per the documents. “[…] The creation of approximately five higher-skill level manufacturing jobs should be realized from the sale of the property and the development of the new facility.”

The ImaBeerHound blog was the first to report the news. When we read the article yesterday, it had ~1,000 reads and included this passage:

Local sources indicate that this will launch an entirely new brand called Upper Hand Brewing. This information is further supported by the facts that Bell’s owns the trademark to “upper hand” and that related Internet domain names have been registered just this month.

That has since been removed from the article, which now has ~6,000 reads.

This would potentially be the third beer brand for Bell’s. In 2008, Bell created the Kalamazoo brand “as a way of getting around a dispute with an [Illinois beer wholesaler], despite a threat of litigation,” per

Bell declined to comment on the purchase or possible new brand on Sunday night.

Bell’s Brewery completed an expansion last year at its primary brewing facility in Galesburg. Total potential capacity is 500,000 barrels. Actual production in 2012 was 216,274 barrels, according to Marketing Director, Laura Bell.


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