No-Li Brewhouse now has top 22 oz. craft beer portfolio in Spokane

No-Li Born and Raised IPA(Spokane, WA) – No-Li Brewhouse sent over some sales results from December, applicable to the local off-premise market. Strong growth for them…

No-Li….4-week ending Dec. 2012…#1 selling 22 oz. craft beer portfolio in Spokane – Source IRI scan.

A collective customer education partnership with Odom Corporation is building craft beer in Spokane. No-Li, Odom Corp. (aka Great Artisan Beverage) and retail store managers are meeting one-to-one with customers in grocery aisles. Imperial IPA’s, Imperial Stouts, Bitter, Pale, IPA and craft beer is being discussed with each customer. More craft beer is being sampled, purchased and experienced in the Inland N.W.

No-Li Brewhouse 22 oz. portfolio is the #1 selling craft beer portfolio in greater Spokane!

22 oz. Spokane RANKING: 4-week ending, Dec. 30th 2012 IRI
· #2: Born & Raised IPA
· #4: Silent Treatment Pale
· #5: Crystal Bitter
· #7: Winter Warmer


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