Great Divide Brewing update: ‘Big Show’ mixed pack and Bourbon Barrel Yeti

Great Divide The Big Show Variety 12Pack(Denver, CO) – The latest from Great Divide Brewing Company’s Monday newsletter…

Colorado, meet The Big Show: 12 bold, flavorful beers above 7% ABV. Currently on the shelves of Colorado liquor stores only, this mix is an incredible value given the massive strength of its contents. (12-pack includes Hades, Yeti, Hercules and Hibernation Ale).

Join us in the Tap Room on Thursday, February 14th for a special Valentine’s Day treat. We’ll be pouring an extremely-rare, Jim Beam bourbon barrel aged version of our Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti. This is our most elusive Yeti yet, and it’s only available in the Tap Room. Come get some of this big, barrel aged, chocolate Yeti lovin’ while it lasts.


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