Drake’s Brewing update: San Diego, new tanks, hop cannon, Something Mild

drakes brewing logo(San Leandro, CA) – The latest from the Drake’s Brewing newsletter…


We are quite happy to announce our partnerships with two new San Diego County distributors– Craft Beer Guild Distributing and Markstein Beverage Co. We could bore you with the minutiae of the three-tier system, but what this means is that we get to send more of our hop-forward, west-coast style ales down to San Diego & North County far more reliably than we’ve been able to before.


We’ve grown a lot in the past few years, and demand is consistently rising to the challenge of our growing capacity. Still, we think, with this addition of three new 120 barrel fermenters and one 120 barrel bright tank, we will have managed to make some headway in the expansion department.

As it stands now our full roster of stainless steel to a 20bbl mash tun, a 25 barrel brew kettle, three 120bbl fermenters, three 80bbl fermenters, seven 60bbl fermenters, eight 20bbl fermenters, and six 15bbl fermenters, one 120bbl bright tank, one 80bbl bright, one 60bbl bright, and two 20bbl brights. This’ll bring our total current capacity up to 26,250 barrels a year, and allow us to pump out nearly 20,000 barrels in 2013 (California sure does like its beer).


John’s particularly juiced to get a hop cannon, so the brewers can more easily dry-hop beers like our 1500 in the new tanks. He claims it’s an OSHA issue for brewers to scale our new 120 bbl tanks Cliffhanger style with 25 lb buckets of hops. We suspect he just likes the sound of “hop cannon.”


Speaking of hops, he, along with lead brewer Alexandra Nowell, are dialed into what’s new in Yakima. Drake’s has long been on the forefront of what’s up with hops, and John and Alex intend to keep that philosophy going strong by exploring new hop varieties and new ways to use them in interesting ways.

One such beer is our Something Mild, which features new hop variety Mosaic an clocks in at a very light 3.9% ABV. One of John’s goals is to lead the charge of sessionable west-coast style IPAs, so to him, our Alpha Session is an opening salvo of sorts to get similar hop-forward, low-ABV beers on people’s minds (but mostly so we have something to drink before noon).

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