Ned Flanders: after sixteen years, Titletown Brewing finally dives into world of wild beers

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After 16 years of using only brewers’ yeast to ferment our beer, we’ve made a couple of limited ventures into the world of “wild” beer this week!  By incorporating other microbes into fermentations, we’re able to develop new and interesting flavors we couldn’t achieve otherwise.  Here are the details:

Grand Funk –  Our 2010 Grand Cru (our 1000th batch) aged in a Captain’s Walk wine barrel while undergoing a second fermentation by Brettanomyces yeast and Pediococcus bacteria.  Aromas including oak, ripe fruit, earth, and leather precede red-wine-like flavor and a dry, slightly tart finish.

≈ 7.0% ABV

Ned Flanders –  We fermented this East-Flanders-style brown ale with Belgian brewers’ yeast and Lactobacillus bacteria, creating an exceptionally complex ale with a robust caramelly, bready malt base, fruit-and-spice notes from the yeast, and a pleasantly tart, sweet-and-sour finish.

One of the reasons we waited 16 years to make “wild” beer was fear that the micro-“critters” we added would infect our other beers.  More on how we mitigated the risk in Beer Geeks’ Corner.


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