Dogfish Head to release new fruit-infused year-round IPA on March 1st

Dogfish Head aHOPeclipse Now!

(Milton, DE) – Dogfish Head Founder, Sam Calagione, announced some big news in a new video published on Wednesday.

In addition to giving a preview of what we can expect from the collaboration with Sierra Nevada Brewing, Rhizing Bines, to be released in one month, he also hints at a new year-round beer starting on March 1st.

Calagione mentions that the new beer will be fruit-infused, similar to how Hellhound On My Ale (IPA) is brewed with with lemon peel and flesh.

The new beer will be available year-round “before each season,” which most likely means that fresh batches will be brewed and released quarterly with a three-month availability window (a la 75 Minute IPA).

As to what the new beer will be named, a newly-announced two month-long series of events called aHOPeclipse Now! celebrating, in part, “two brand-new IPAs” seems to be a big hint. Not to mention, the video below is called ‘aHOPeclipe Now!,’ the company is asking fans to tweet with the hashtag #hopeclipse, it filed a trademark application for ‘aHOPeclipse Now!’, and has created some kickass artwork for the brand. That would be a lot of effort to throw behind a batch of beer dinners instead of a long-term beer brand. That said, an email is out to the brewery to confirm and no response yet…

UPDATE: A Dogfish Head spokesperson says that the beer will not be called ‘aHOPeclipse Now!.’

UPDATE 2: Looks like the beer will be Sixty-One IPA.

Watch the video, in full, below.


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