Drake’s Exxpedition Imperial Red Ale due in October, more Aroma Coma next year

Drake’s Exxpedition Imperial Red Ale label(San Leandro, CA) – Drake’s Brewing Company revealed an upcoming beer release in Thursday’s newsletter. More below…

As many fans of Aroma Coma have realized, this beer is a fleeting joy that leaves far too fast. Our supplies of Aroma Coma are dwindling, so pick up bottles of it while you can.

We know what you’re wondering… why don’t you make more or continue to brew the Aroma Coma if it is so widely sought? The answer comes down to hops. Unfortunately, the hops that make Aroma Coma such a well-loved beer are equally well-loved by craft brewer’s across the country (and in some places across the globe). In the same manner that you, our loyal fans of Aroma Coma snatch the bottles from the stores, we work to secure the hops we need to brew enough each year. The good news? Well, we have projected for higher demand for next year and beyond, and next years’ yield of Aroma Coma from the brewhouse will be greater.

So we bid farewell to Aroma Coma, but with an eye to what’s coming next. Coming in October we will be releasing Exxpedition, the Double X rendition of our long-standing seasonal American Red. Our brewers consider it a daily mission to transcend the beers that have come before. To strive, to seek, to find greatness, and not to yield to the norm. So, for the new Exxpedition, we’ve sought new frontiers. The Double X is a full-bodied Imperial Red that pours ruby red from crystal malts and roasted barley, which give the beer rich caramel notes and a hint of roast. Additions of citrusy, resinous West-Coast hops, and an abundant dry-hop deliver intense flavors and aromas of grapefruit and pine with a clean bitter finish.

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