Drake’s Brewing unveils GABF 2012 beer entries

drakes brewing logo(San Leandro, CA) – Drake’s Brewing Company shared some GABF 2012 news in Thursday’s newsletter.

This Wednesday marked the deadline for us to deliver our beer to the dropoff point for the 2012 Great American Beer Festival for the festing and the judging.

Our smallest batch at Drake’s is 15bbls, so now that all the requisite kegs and cases for Denver are filled, we have a little extra. Bay Area folks, in the next few weeks you will be seeing some specialty brews from us made specifically for GABF on tap round town. Here’s the list of our GABF entries, starting with the one-offs.

1. Drake’s Occu-Rye – 6.1%, 32 IBUs- a light amber rye ale redolent of spicy, herbaceous flavors and aromas with a light toasted malt character and a clean spicy rye finish. Created and brewed by our Cellar Master John Gillooly.

John’s Description: “Subverting dominant Barley Grain privilege, Drake’s Occu-Rye demands equal status for long oppressed Rye grain. Further, we have ended the patriarchal dominance of Craft Brewers who insist on hiding Rye’s light under a bushel (of hops) by presenting a beer brewed with an eye-watering amount of Rye. Barley Dominance Must Die! Hella Hella Occu-Rye!”

2. **Scorched Earth– 10.2% ABV- Beech smoked Imperial stout. – an intensely dark, smokey and strong Imperial Stout. Pair it with some bacon to hit upon perfection.

Story behind the Beer: Last January we got together with Beer Revolution co-owner Fraggle (pictured left) to brew a specialty beer for the Oakland Beer Bar’s 2nd Anniversary. Given the Beer Revolutionaries’ penchant for German Rauschbiers and smoked beers of all types, we made Moscow’s Burning smoked Imperial Stout- a lightly smoked, rich dark imperial stout. We found it to be pretty delicious, so when it came time to decide on a couple special ideas for our GABF entries we thought that a slightly smokier version would be right on target. Moscow’s Burned, so now we have Scorched Earth.

3. **Barrel House Sour- Light Belgian ale aged in used French oak red wine barrels, and inoculated with a blend of brettanomyces and lactobacillus. Category: 24A; Wood and Barrel Aged Sour Beer; ABV 6.5%
4. **1500- dry-hopped American Pale Ale; ABV- 5.5%
5. **Aroma Coma- double-dry-hopped American IPA; Category: 52; American IPA; ABV- 6.75%
6. **Denogginizer- Imperial IPA; Category 53; Imperial India Pale Ale; ABV- 9.75
7. Drake’s Gold Ale; Category 46; English Summer Ale; ABV 5.2%
8. Drake’s IPA; Category 51; American Style Strong Pale Ale; ABV 7%
9. Drake’s Amber; Category 58B; Extra Special Bitter
10. Black Robusto Porter; Category 75; Robust Porter; ABV 6.3%

** Indicates beers that will be judged and poured at GABF.

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