Brewery claims its 7% ABV IPA is “more of a session beer”

Hopothesis IPA

(Chicago, IL) – Noticed this press release yesterday though a hat tip to Jack Curtin for bringing an interesting tidbit contained within in it to light.

Hopothesis Beer Company launched its first craft beer, Hopothesis India Pale Ale (IPA). In development for four years, Hopothesis IPA was carefully formulated to deliver a balanced and highly flavorful taste profile.

Hopothesis IPA is crafted using Vienna and caramel malted barley combined with Cascade and Centennial hops. The dark golden beer is 7.1 alcohol by volume (ABV) and measures in the mid-range at 55 on the International Bitterness Units scale (IBU). The recipe has been fine-tuned over the years to create a unique balance of malts and hops. The result is a crisp taste with strong malty notes within the limits of respectable ABV and IBU measurements.

We wanted to create a different style of IPA. One that’s more of a session beer,” said Ike Orcutt, head brewer. “You’ll find that Hopothesis IPA will not assault the palate with hops. Instead, the hops spike early, then plateau. You can definitely have more than one.”

Ike Orcutt is an accomplished and award winning home brewer. In 2011, he and a group of beer-loving entrepreneurs formed Hopothesis Beer Company to bring his most popular recipes to the craft beer market. The foundation of the Hopothesis brand can be traced back to the founders, who all have backgrounds in the applied arts and life science. The essence of the brand can be described as geeky-fun, alluding to the light-hearted approach to the science of making beer.

“We’re embracing the geek genre,” said Orcutt. “Beer aficionados don’t just drink beer. They truly appreciate the craft and its technical nuances. Our goal is to give them something to geek out about, with a healthy dose of fun.”

The official launch of the Hopothesis IPA beer will be held on August 2, 6:00 p.m. at the Beer Bistro, 1061 West Madison St., Chicago, IL.

Hopothesis Beer Company has a strong pipeline of foundational recipes and is also working on specialty releases. The company’s next beer, Drafty Window™ will be released in late 2012.

About Hopothesis Beer Company

Based in Chicago, Illinois, the Hopothesis Beer Company is focused on making great craft beer that delivers a flavorful, approachable, balanced drinking experience. Be enlightened with the art and science at

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  1. I mean, its a made up term with a silly meaning to begin with, why not mess with the definition?

  2. Well, it’s as a “made up” term as anything else man has created i guess…..If we’re speaking about relative consciousness in general? But, no- technically this is not a “session” beer by early British and or current American beer standards at all.

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