Westvleteren XII release pushed back to June, suggested retail price set at $85

westvleteren xii gift pack

(Belchertown, MA) – A source confirmed today that the U.S. release of Westvleteren XII is likely to be pushed back to June.

Originally slated for April release, the 7,760 gift packs that will flow through Shelton Brothers’ network are now scheduled to ship from Belgium at the end of April.

Shelton Brothers will handle the territory east of the Mississippi River with the exception of Illinois. Manneken-Brussels Imports will handle all states west of the Mississippi and Illinois (including Minnesota and Louisiana). Last year, The Abbey of Sint Sixtus appointed the two companies as the only U.S. importers for the Westvleteren XII gift packs.

As of right now, Shelton Brothers has no formal plan for a single release day though that could change where things have not yet been finalized. Shipments are expected to make their way to retailers in the Eastern territory all around the same time.

The Abbey has set a target retail price for the gift packs, each of which will contain six 330ml bottles and two glasses, at $85 per pack. Ultimately, retailers will each set their own price though Shelton Brothers’ aim is for as much money as possible from the proceeds to go toward The Abbey’s restoration project. The Abbey has gone so far as to stipulate that the packs must be sold in-tact by retailers. They do not want the gift boxes broken down and sold as individual bottles, an issue that will inevitably cause some contention with retailers and consumers given how limited the packs will be.

Shelton Brothers has been working with the Abbey on the project since last summer.

The 7,760 gift packs that the company expects to receive are part of a plan to export 70,000 packs out of Belgium, according to a local news report from last year.

Manneken-Brussels Imports, importers of Chimay, has not yet responded to a request for more information though the source said that MBI would likely receive the same number of gift packs so we are likely looking at around 15,000 packs total for the U.S..


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5 thoughts on “Westvleteren XII release pushed back to June, suggested retail price set at $85

  1. Pass.

    One of my regulars was fortunate enough to do a blind tasting of Westy 12, Rochefort 10 and St. Bernardus Abt 12 the other day. He said that St. B was the unamimous favorite and Westy 12 was the bottom of the pack. We have very similar tastes so I’m not gonna pony up $85 to find out for myself.

  2. For a point of reference, I just paid 12 euros ($15.89) for a small bottle in Bruges. (Yes, I understand that I paid more than it’s worth.) So six small bottles and 2 glasses for $85 is fair if you are comparing it to the price in Belgium. 6 small bottles alone would run you about $95. Of course, it all depends on what the retailers tack on.

  3. I paid $72 to have a beeradvocate member send me a 6 pack of Westy 12 and all he charged was cost + shipping. So an extra $13 for two glasses seems very reasonable. But what is going to happen is I see stores charging upwards of $100-120. At that price Westy 12 isn’t worth it.

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  5. I spoke to manneken brussels & they say they will not be handling the western distribution. They wd provide no further information.

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