Boston Beer Co. to release Samuel Adams IPA Hop-ology variety pack this spring

Samuel Adam IPA Hopology variety pack

(Boston, MA) – BeerPulse has learned that The Boston Beer Company will bring back a variety pack full of IPAs for a second consecutive year.

The IPA Hop-ology variety pack has a street date of around May 1st and will contain six different IPAs (two of each): Grumpy Monk Belgian IPA, Dark Depths Baltic IPA, Third Voyage Double IPA, Tasman Red IPA, Latitude 48 IPA and Whitewater IPA.

Grumpy Monk, Dark Depths and Third Voyage are each beers branded under Samuel Adams’ Small Batch Series line. While Dark Depths and Third Voyage have previously been made available in 22 oz. bottles, this will be Grumpy Monk’s debut in bottles and exclusive package in off-premise locations (no single bottles). The beer was first brewed in 2009 under a different name.

For Boston Beer, this package delivers on a few different major trends: IPA as the fastest-growing style, variety packs among the fastest-growing packages and, in general, the beer drinker’s palate becoming increasingly promiscuous. From a standpoint of scale and anticipation, the only variety pack similar to this one will be Sierra Nevada Brewing’s Beer Camp variety pack, also slated for spring.

Boston Beer released the Latitude 48 IPA variety pack featuring single hop beers last spring.

More info on Grumpy Monk below…

Label copy: “The long held brewing traditions of Belgian monks aren’t meant to be broken. Yet, to the monk’s dismay, the distinctive character of Belgian yeast with its spicy clove and fruit notes can be reimagined when combined with the brazen hop character of an IPA. These hops impart a citrusy, piney and earthy flavor that’s balanced by a roasted malt sweetness for a complex and playful brew.”

The beer is made with a mix of five malts: 2-row Harrington, Metcalf and Copeland Pale malts; Bohemian Pils malt and honey malt and six hops: Ahtanum, Simcoe, Cascade, Amarillo, Fuggles and Saaz. 5.7% ABV.

5 thoughts on “Boston Beer Co. to release Samuel Adams IPA Hop-ology variety pack this spring

  1. Flying Dog nailed the BIPA last year (also when I became acquainted with the style, which has turned into my favorite).
    Hopefully Grumpy Monk at least comes close to what FD unleashed with Raging B… It was soooo good!

  2. This is a great example of Sam Adams listening to what beer drinkers want. I think this is a great idea and I’m certainly going to try it out

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  4. loved the name ‘grumpy monk’ though not impressed with the beer. HOWEVER, the ‘third voyage’ double is awesome. i’m looking forward to the other hoppy varieties, though i’ve had the lattitude previously.

  5. I’ve tried everything minus the Belgian and they’re all fantastic. The least of my favorites is the Latitude 48. It’s good, but Third Voyage and the Baltic are timeless!!!

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