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Maine Beer Co.’s Thank You Allan just released

Thank You Allan goes on sale at the brewery Thurssday (today) at 9am. $10 from every ($25) bottle goes to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. Do what’s right and come buy some beer and support our animal friends. Our hours for Thursday and Friday are 9-5pm. Thank You Allan is our barrel aged farmhouse ale (fermented with ale and brett yeast aged in french oak Syrah barrels). There are 250 hand numbered bottles. 9am is the opening time for our loyal email subscribers. 10am for everyone else.

via BeerAdvocate.


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2 thoughts on “Maine Beer Co.’s Thank You Allan just released

  1. MBC is one of the most overrated/overpriced breweries around. Worst value in craft beer in the northeast….$6 per 500ml bottles is common for their middling pale ale.

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