Deschutes Brewery expanding capacity by nearly 50% in 2012

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(Bend, OR) – Deschutes Brewery is in the process of bringing five new tanks online that will bring production capacity up from 240,000 barrels to 345,000 annually. The new tanks are expected to go into operation around June 1st.

Not a moment too soon either. Deschutes Digital Marketing Manager, Jason Randles, says that the brewery is right up against capacity with 2011 production at 222,000 barrels.

Expandable capacity for Deschutes is 450,000 barrels. “We’ve also got space for another five tanks as soon as we decide to pull the trigger.” The turnaround time for new tanks is about one year, according to Randles.

Despite the forthcoming boost in capacity, Deschutes has no plans to expand distribution any further.

Boulevard and Firestone Walker are just two breweries out West that have found a niche in East Coast markets for their high-end beers. “It’s just not part of our model where we don’t have any sales reps or support on the ground in those markets.”

Randles notes that Deschutes has a great relationship with a distributor in Pennsylvania and hopes to send a truck of beer over for Philly Beer Week as it has in the past two years.

Up next for the brewery is the release of Chainbreaker White IPA which will begin rolling out through Deschutes’ Pacific Northwest market during the last weekend in March.

Also announcing an expansion this week is Widmer Brother Brewing in nearby Portland. Widmer Brothers plans to add nearly 200,000 barrels of annual capacity during the year.


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