Anheuser-Busch responds to overstocks piece

anheuser busch logo(St. Louis, MO) – Yesterday, BeerPulse aired one craft brewer’s comments regarding alleged overstocks of Anheuser-Busch products at certain distribution warehouses. Here is Anheuser-Busch‘s official response to the story:

Average wholesaler inventories are in line with what we advised them earlier this year, but we have experienced specific inventory issues at certain wholesalers. Our Topline IRI (FDMxC) shows AB is up 1.7 YTD, and we are working to optimize our supply chain to minimize out-of-stocks this summer. Additionally, our sales mix has seen meaningful shifts by pack and brand, including the response to Bud Light Platinum. Such inventory issues are not uncommon as trends change, similar to what other brewers have experienced in recent years (e.g. Crown last year). We recognize the specific wholesaler situations where we are above our targeted days of inventory and are taking immediate actions to address it.


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5 thoughts on “Anheuser-Busch responds to overstocks piece

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  3. So many words to say so little. The company is basically being accused on manipulating supply chain inventories to negatively affect smaller competitors. I would have been much more impressed by a statement to the effect of: “Anheuser-Busch has never deliberately manipulated supply chain inventories to negatively affect smaller competitors.”

  4. Ok, I have no idea what all that means…..but I certainly understood the piece from yesterday.

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