Terrapin Beer Co. adding 100 barrel brewhouse this fall



(Athens, GA) – Terrapin Beer Co. Co-Founder, Spike Buckowski, reveals nonchalantly in this video that Terrapin is expanding in a big way in 2012. The company is adding fermenters in April and a 100-barrel Rolec system in August. Rolec has built/is building systems for breweries like Stone, Lagunitas and BrewDog.

Buckowski expects to be brewing on the system this fall. The expansion will bring capacity into the six-figure range.

Financing for the expansion was made possible, in part, from a minority investment by MillerCoors this past year.

Co-Founder, John Cochran, said of the financing at the time…

First, the loan conversion will allow Terrapin access to more capital from the banking market to fund a $4.5 million expansion to double our brewing capacity. Everyone knows that due to buying the company back from our previous investors we were unable to expand capacity this past year. This has led to severe shortages in several markets of all of the Terrapin beers and even in our home state we have been unable to make enough of our more limited and specialty beers to meet demand. This expansion will allow us to get all our beers back in stock in the 9 states where Terrapin is available and get those high-end, innovative beers such as Hopzilla,Wake-n-Bake, and Moo-Hoo into the hands of more Terrapin fans.

Second, Terrapin will begin a full time barrel aging program. We have played around with barrels one or two at a time just for fun. But now we can begin a full fledged barrel aging program and really show people what innovative beers Terrapin is capable of crafting.

Oh, and Terrapin Beer Co. is working on a collaboration with Nogne O in Norway, an Imperial Rye Porter, which may or may not be available in the U.S. eventually (they don’t specify). Nogne O has secured a new location in which is hopes to gradually move over brewing operations.

Not to mention, Terrapin Hopzilla ships in early March.


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  1. I heard your investors wanted to get out due to poor financial performance and a lack of faith in management. Why would any investor want to get out if there were funds to acquire much needed and better equipment? Selling to MillerCoors had to be done under duress.


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