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Oskar Blues Brewery looking for new location

So while one can look at the site today and imagine what might be, there is one thing that it won’t be: the future, permanent headquarters of Oskar Blues Brewery.

When he read about Butterball closing, Oskar’s owner Dale Katechis got in touch with Butterball and toured the facility. He said he’s just about out of room at his current headquarters and was looking for someplace the brewery could settle into permanently.

via Boulder Daily Camera.



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4 thoughts on “Oskar Blues Brewery looking for new location

  1. This seems a bit surprising. With all of the work they just put into the existing facility to expand with a new canning line and having only been in there a few years, I’d be surprised they would want to move out so quickly. But then again, if they are indeed growing like crazy and out of room already, I suppose they have to keep their eyes open.

  2. I’m surprised they wouldn’t take the Sierra Nevada approach and build a facility on the East Coast. It seems they are extremely well received in every new market they enter.

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