Jeremy Lin’s beer of choice: Bud Light

jeremy lin

The New York Knicks are riding an eight-game winning streak heading into Friday night thanks to Jeremy Lin.

The Harvard-schooled Knick partied in the most modest fashion after helping the team trounce the Sacramento Kings 100-85 at MSG.

In contrast to many ballers’ models-and-bottles antics, Lin’s night out after the game included bringing his parents, having just one Bud Light, avoiding crowds of admiring women, and a paparazzi-free escape

Maybe Brooklyn can do with Lin what Bonfire did with Tebow.

via NY Post.




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4 thoughts on “Jeremy Lin’s beer of choice: Bud Light

  1. Seriously, this is what my go to craft beer news source is considering newsworthy? Goodbye.

  2. I actually got higher than average comments on this article on Twitter. If it doesn’t interest you, just kindly move along to another story. Cheers!

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