Goose Island, Siebel Institute partner up on The Next Great American Brewer reality show


(Chicago, IL) – Goose Island and The Siebel Institute are partnering up on what could become the next reality tv show pertaining to beer, The Next Great American Brewer.

Various studios have had difficulty pitching networks for a national beer program since the demise of Brew Masters though opportunities are very much there on a local/regional basis. One show recently aired in Minnesota, Beer Geeks TV, has had a successful run so far according to one of its co-founders. Distribution opportunities also exist with big internet players like Youtube and Netflix.

The studio behind The Next Great American Brewer is hopeful that they can land a deal that will air the program to as many people as possible. At the very least, the show has backing from some notable players in the beer industry and should be of interest to beer drinkers.

The premise: “the best amateur and professional craft brewers across the United States are brought together to compete against each other in challenges related to brewing beer and running a successful brewing company.”

These competitions range from brewing challenges to beer & food pairings to presentation of the brews at the Great American Beer Festival. Think Top Chef for brewers (the production team has also worked on Top Chef).

The winner of the competition will have his/her beer brewed, bottled and distributed to beer drinkers across the country thanks to Goose Island. The winner will also have an opportunity to brew at Goose Island on a more permanent basis. The Siebel Institute is throwing in a full scholarship as a prize as well.

Note: the above Youtube clip is exclusive to BeerPulse (until someone else grabs it anyway).

next great american brewer


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11 thoughts on “Goose Island, Siebel Institute partner up on The Next Great American Brewer reality show

  1. “the above Youtube clip is exclusive to (until someone else grabs it anyway).” Hmm? That’s interesting since this was posted 5 minutes ago, and I saw this video through New Glarus and Beer Sommelier over 4 hours ago on facebook. Sooo….the not so exclusive clip.

  2. You missed “Youtube clip.” They put it on a private Youtube page for me and I agreed to write an article for them. I don’t blame anyone for grabbing the embed code from my site though. They’re wise to do it.

  3. Boooo!!! This exactly what our industry does not need at all right now. Brew Masters was enough of a comercial already, I just get an awful taste in my mouth when I hear Goose Island and Seibel are involved.

  4. Idk, I’m kind of excited for this. If it’s done on a local level with local players involved I think it will only help foster our craft beer comunity. I for one, am looking forward to it!

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