Flying Dog rep deletes tweets and avatar, retracts statement

Flying Dog Brewery(Washington, DC) – A Flying Dog Brewery rep whose tweets accusing MillerCoors of illegal activity in DC snowballed into a discussion around the dirty side of the beer business is changing course today. DC Market Manager, Tommy Hunter, replaced a Twitter avatar showing himself with a Flying Dog logo, deleted the two tweets in question and issued two more tweets.


MillerCoors never replied with any comment on Hunter’s initial accusations.


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7 thoughts on “Flying Dog rep deletes tweets and avatar, retracts statement

  1. Yeah you really can’t go around saying stuff like that on Twitter… at least not without some sort of evidence. For example, a twitpic of the MC rep handing the barkeep a burlap sack marked with big black dollar signs would be ideal. Even better if they’re both laughing deviously and/or winking at one another.

  2. Miller/Coors and Flying Dog are both Distributed by Premium Distributing of D.C. I’m very sure that the M/C people had a little talk with the millionaire owners Premium who had a little talk with Tommy’s Bosses and told him he had better pipe down, because it may blow the cover off a much bigger story. This stuff happens constantly. Big Beer has millions of dollars and a back stage pass to everything. They may not cut a check directly to any particular owner of any business, but you can bet they are coping them tickets to sporting events, buying big screen TVs, Kegs, and in some cases even paying for building repairs. This rabbit hole goes so much deeper than most people even know.

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