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Craft brewer seeks millions from Chinese in hopes of building large craft brewery

And here comes the deluge of foreign investment into American craft beer…

To meet some of the project’s estimated $10 million cost, von Trapp will soon head to Shanghai to seek investors at the Invest in America show later this month. Von Trapp eventually hopes to make use of the government’s EB-5 Immigrant Investor program, which offers permanent U.S. residency to foreign citizens who make significant investments stateside.

von Trapp plans to build a large brewery capable of producing 50,000 barrels annually.

via Let the Lager Flow | Seven Days.


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4 thoughts on “Craft brewer seeks millions from Chinese in hopes of building large craft brewery

  1. So, he’s bribing Chinese people to support his brewery in exchange for citizenship? Do they have to live in the middle of nowhere VT with him?

  2. Yes, the EB-5 program was enacted in order to empower small businesses to receive foreign investment, while at the same time providing a means for skilled foreign workers and entrepreneurs to have easier access to citizenship. For every $500K the business receives in investment, it must employ X-amount of workers from that country for a given period of years. I believe that the exact rules vary from state to state, because I know that Vermont’s EB-5 rules are more favorable to the business than some others. It could easily be considered “bribery”, and is in fact pretty much that; give us enough money and you can stay in the US. Whether it is a policy you agree with or not is another matter, but regardless, those are the facts.

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