foothills sexual chocolate imperial stout

Foothills Sexual Chocolate release set for January 27-28

The eagerly awaited return of our Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout is less than two months away. Experience the legendary beer on draft on Friday, January 27, 20112, with a bottle release planned for the following morning.

For those of you new to our beer, the Sexual Chocolate is a Russian Imperial Stout infused with organic cocoa nibs. Opaque black in color, it offers notes of espresso, blackstrap molasses, toffee, and dark fruits that mask an alcohol content approaching ten percent.

via Foothills Brewing newsletter


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2 thoughts on “Foothills Sexual Chocolate release set for January 27-28

  1. Too bad I missed the release

    (I believe the original newsletter contains the typo 2011, assuming of course that the beer is being released in 2012).

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