Care about RSS, Mobile, Site Speed, etc.? Read this update.

Here are some recent changes made on the site. All of this is being tracked over on the Changelog page now.

Site Speed:

– Upgraded server
– Still very slow on initial load but Cache is clearly doing its job on subsequent loads.

REQUEST: If anyone knows how to fix the ‘cache static content‘ issue, I’d be happy to take any advice I can get.

RSS Feeds:

– Full feeds restored
– Added sharing links to the bottom of the feed (please share!)
– Remaining bug (if you can call it that, more of an FYI)…the feed for new beers still does not show images. No idea why and have to admit that I’m not terribly concerned about this one. If you click through to the site, you will see the label.

Mobile Layout:

– Huge thanks to @vasuvasu for fixing most of the issues on mobile devices.

– Removed WP Touch mobile theme since it was missing a lot of site functionality (it looked pretty though, yes)
– Videos will start to fit properly within viewing screen now (test with Lakefront post but not retroactive)

Bugs remaining…

– Content doesn’t properly fit iPad when in portrait orientation (but does in landscape orientation)
– Still a few styling quirks that can be nitpicked
– Anything else I’m unaware of?


– Added “tweets” to the site so that you can now reply/retweet/favorite tweets as you see them on

Post to Post Navigation:

Right above the comments section on every post and beer/brewery page, you can now click from post to post without clicking back to the home page.

Auto Backup:

I can restore the site back to any given point now, down to a specific second…you know, just in case there IS a zombie apocalypse and we all make it out alive…

That’s it for now.


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5 thoughts on “Care about RSS, Mobile, Site Speed, etc.? Read this update.

  1. New mobile version looks good, but email is too wide for portrait view on android. Have to scroll left and right to view full story…
    Also, a little bummed to have to scroll ack to headline in email in order to click thru and comment, etc.
    Just my take

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