westvleteren xii gift pack

What is the most you would pay for a Westvleteren XII pack?

With this past week’s talk around how much these Westvleteren XII packs are going to cost, it begs raises the question…

Assume that these will be the same packs that were released in Belgium with six bottles and two glasses. The packs will be released in the U.S. this coming spring.


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11 thoughts on “What is the most you would pay for a Westvleteren XII pack?

  1. I’d pay a bit more if I could ensure that the money went to the monks, but honestly I bet shelton is going to gouge it for their own benefit

  2. I bought a bottle off eBay for around $35 (with shipping, etc.). At that price, I was kind-of hoping it wasn’t going to be as good as I’d heard. Alas, it was probably the best beer I’ve ever had. So I don’t think $150 for a six-pack, but I’d probably spend $100, esp. given the goblets.

  3. In fall 2006 I purchased a six pack on Ebay. The beer, with shipping and a freebie jar of brown Belgian mustard was $75 total. Any more than $100 is a bit much, imo.

  4. Yes, but the only thing that has changed since 2006 is how ridiculously over-hyped this and other “limited” availability beers have become.

  5. I can buy St. Bernardus 750’s for 10$. So whatever that equates to. Definitely not worth the hype. Maybe 30$, people are nuts if they’d pay over 100$ for it.

  6. I’m absolutely with Dave on this. It’s good but not worth all this hype. I can get Abt 12 for much cheaper and is just as good. I’d cap around $30 or $40.

  7. Judging by the results of the poll, there are more than enough people willing to pay $100+ for it that I’d say that’s the starting point. Personally, I’m closer to the first poster’s response, although the glass is pretty badass.

  8. Actually, I’d say based on the poll, three people are clinically insane, eight are suckers of hype, eighteen need to be introduced to St. Bernardus Abt 12 or Rochefort 10, fifty-three are reaching unnecessarily while two hundred sixteen are squarely grounded in something resembling reality.

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