Fun: ‘Hopschart’ visualizes nearly every data point about various hops


Posted with permission courtesy of Hopschart’s Zeke Shore. This is definitely one of the coolest beer visualizations that I’ve ever seen.

Check out the fullscreen version at Hops Chart. [Ed. Note: this is not a paid ad.]

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6 thoughts on “Fun: ‘Hopschart’ visualizes nearly every data point about various hops

  1. Hey, I’ve been trying to track down another hop chart that you posted a while ago…iirc it was a circle that showed the different levels of essential oils in a bunch of different hop varieties…any chance you can either email me a link or post it here? Thanks!

  2. That sounds right actually. I think it may have been produced by some brewery, but I have no clue which. Thanks for looking though.

  3. I first read the title as hop-shart… a hop shart does not seem anymore pleasant than a normal one- perhaps more fragrant.

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