Firestone Walker §ucaba chosen as replacement name for ‘Abacus’


(Paso Robles, CA) – The Not Your Dad’s Beer blog reported in July that the Firestone Walker Brewing would ditch the name, “Abacus,” name due to being served a cease-and-desist from a winemaker. He breaks the whole thing down. He also knew about the new name, “§ucaba,” before most others did…

Now Steve [Almaraz, Vice President of Sales] tossed around a few names with me that they were thinking involving the letters ZD in new title for their barley wine. I urged him not to, simply because most people who drink beer have no idea who ZD is. And those that drink ZD most certainly have no idea who Firestone Walker is. Instead they are leaning towards Sucaba. Think of a mirror and place a bottle of Sucaba in it. sucabA | Abacus. Clever I know.

The best image I have is this bootlegged copy from a Twitter tipster (sorry, I’m getting a bunch of errors on Twitter right now so can’t see who it was). Keep in mind that this hasn’t been approved by the TTB yet.

According to the brewery website, what is currently called “the Beer formerly known as Abacus” is set to return in February.

§ucaba is a 13% ABV Barleywine.

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