Small craft brewery tempts MGM, Brooksfilms legal teams

Dark Helmet 11-0018

UPDATED: Clearly, I haven’t watched Spaceballs since I was a little kid and completely missed the reference to that film. I’ve updated the headline to reflect this.

(Mt. Pleasant, SC) – This week, label approval came in for Westbrook Dark Helmet Black Rye Lager.

Recognize a familiar theme on the label?

Back in 2009, New England Brewing released Imperial Storm Stout Trooper in bottles. The following year, it did again after having been contacted by LucasFilm. The result was a label with the same name but a disguised Storm Trooper.

Dogfish Head created a similar disguise with its 75 Minute IPA label.

In any case, look for this one in 22 oz. bottles at some point, with or without a disguise.

6 thoughts on “Small craft brewery tempts MGM, Brooksfilms legal teams

  1. Given that this is clearly based on Spaceballs, I’d guess that whoever owns the rights on that should probably be more concerned than LucasFilm.

  2. Interesting: Karl Strauss also released a brew earlier this year called Dark Helmet (a Scotch ale, I think). Pretty sure it was only available on draft. And, perhaps tempting Lucasfilm, Port Brewing released Where’s My Light Saber? (stout).

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