Poll results: Two-thirds of beer enthusiasts want shelf space organized by brewery

Around 550 votes have come in after Tuesday’s poll question went up. 67% of beer drinkers voted that they prefer liquor stores to organize shelf space by brewery. Just over 28% voted to organize by beer style and nearly 5% said they were indifferent.

Surprised by the results? Not surprised?


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2 thoughts on “Poll results: Two-thirds of beer enthusiasts want shelf space organized by brewery

  1. while i see most liquor stores do that, i hate seeing most IPA’s being store on shelves by the case when they are arranged by brewery.

  2. I was in the minority on this one and was surprised. I like to browse and organization by style is most conducive to that (it’s the only shopping that I do so I actually get excited for my trips to the bottle shop). I can skip the IPA section and go right to the sours, stouts, and saisons. Organization by brewer does not allow you to do that. Also, organization by style is more conducive to coming across brewers that you may not have been familiar with. I rarely walk out of store without a stout from a brewer that I had never tried before. Organization by brewer seems more likely to force you to go right to specific brewers that you are looking for.
    If I am looking for a specific beer (which seems to be the main argument for brewer organization), I just go to the style and the beers are generally organized in alphabetical order by brewer within that style. And in good shops, I just ask an employee. I don’t drink wine, but I know that wine shops are organized by style/region. Is there a difference with beer?

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