Facebook fans will help determine Blue Moon’s 2012 fall seasonal

blue moon keith villa(Golden, CO) – Blue Moon Brewing Brewmaster, Keith Villa, on the grand plan

Villa recently launched a program with Blue Moon’s fans to create the next Blue Moon beer, a new fall seasonal. Villa encourages people to visit Blue Moon’s Facebook page, where there’s an entry form to enter ideas for the next beer. Once you “like” the page, there’s a video of Villa inviting people to submit their ideas. Villa says the videos will be updated, including ones showing them brewing contest-winning beers for test markets.

Villa says they will pick the top three ideas, brew each one and test market them next year, which will result in one final winning beer. Villa and company will launch the new beer on the next lunar blue moon, Friday, Aug. 31, 2012.

It looks like the NextBlueMoonBeer app launched earlier this month as it has only has a handful of comments so far. It is worth noting that, because it is an app, you have to hand over some information about yourself when you approve it before taking part in the contest.

3 thoughts on “Facebook fans will help determine Blue Moon’s 2012 fall seasonal

  1. I hate that so many companies require Facebook log-ins to participate in their promotions. What about people who prefer other social networking sites? What about people who don’t like social networking? What about people who may have some concerns about Facebook’s privacy policy or other business practices?

    I’ve actually sometimes even clicked on advertisements only to find myself being asked to log-in to Facebook.

    This kind of thing is a big turn-off for me.

    Were I advertising a product, I might have a Facebook page devoted to that product, but I’d make darn sure not to leave out the non-Facebook people who also want to read up on my products or participate in my promotions. The last thing I think a marketer would want to do is exclude a class of people from feeling included in their promotions. You want to cast the widest net possible so you can have the largest possible number of people buying your products.

  2. Allowing the contest to run through a Facebook application allows the company to attain a lot of market information that they otherwise might not have access to. It ties the suggestions and votes cast to various personal data that helps them to market the winning beer in the best way upon actual product launch.

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