BrewDog Ghost Deer: theatrical beer achieves 28% ABV from normal fermentation

(Aberdeen, SCOTLAND) – BrewDog has done it again.

When I met Managing Director, James Watt, at an event in early 2010, he mentioned that BrewDog was working on this project. About 18 months later, it finally sees the light of day. Per the brewery’s blog:

In the last couple of years we have brought beer aficionados Sink the Bismarck! At 41% and the epic End of History at 55%. These alcohol contents were achieved by the extreme freezing of an already very strong beer. Ghost Deer achieves 28% ABV simply from the normal fermentation process. We used a variety of yeast strains during the elephantine process and drip fed the fermented masterpiece exotic sugars to ensure the yeast lived long enough to continue the fermentation.


The beer itself is a robust 28% blonde ale. After fermentation it is aged for 6 months in some amazing whisky, bourbon, rum and sherry barrels. There is only one Ghost Deer head and this beer will only ever be available on draft, served in a stemmed glass, direct from the mouth of the deer himself. […] The deer himself will decide where he will next appear.

The video makes multiple references to Jim Koch of Boston Beer Co., makers of Utopias, a 25.5% ABV beer.

BrewDog isn’t claiming this to be the world’s strongest beer, a subject that has been filled with debate since it kickstarted an ABV arms race with Tactical Nuclear Penguin.

BrewDog Ghost Deer



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